RAW energy and FIRE, Xristina has the ability to lift the energy of the room with her complex, yet beautifully choreographic approach to ballet class. As a professional I love that she pushes me technically whilst still allowing me to have artistic freedom in the studio. A refreshing, fast paced approach to ballet with all of the positivity and kindness. GRATEFUL

Rose Alice
Creative Director – Choreographer – Dancer INTERNATIONAL ARTS COLLECTIVE

One of the most important lessons I learned to becoming a professional ballet dancer is that the quality of ballet class matters way more than the quantity. That’s why I specifically take Xristina’s class every time I’m in London. She comes to each class fully prepared with expertise, insightful tips and generous energy. Her classes have a wonderful flow, which is grounding and allows me to improve each class. I don’t know what to do without Xristina’s class in London!

Dr Merritt Moore
Quantum Physicist and Professional Ballet Dancer
(Norwegian National Ballet, Zurich Ballet, Boston Ballet, English National Ballet)

Christina has been my ballet teacher for more than 10 years. I first came to her in some trepidation wondering if I was too old, but apparently no-one is too old. She is an inspirational dedicated teacher, who attends to each student individually with sensitivity and intelligence, and I have never heard her say anything unkind or critical about anybody.

Some students are expecting criticism, but she does not use that, she encourages and builds strength and hopefulness, gives corrections respectfully and demonstrates clearly what she is asking the class to do.

Her years of experience have given her a relaxed approach and developed a sense of humour which helps us to take ourselves less seriously. It is an enjoyable experience to be in her class with people of all shapes and sizes and ages.

I am a family therapist and psychotherapist and would recommend a class with Christina to anybody who showed an interest. They will come to no harm, and may develop a love for the movement and music of ballet which they can continue to enjoy all of their life, as I do.

Margaret Ramage
Registered Psychotherapist